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SquintMaster  Software
Designed and Developed By Dr Sudhir Singh ,M.S
Strabismus amount calculator(surgical dose calculator ),Simulator ,patient educator,surgicl options provider
  • Suggests diagnosis and sub type of deviations
  • Important tool for patient counseling
  • Suggests surgical options
  • Creates simulated image of deviations
  • With help of squint simulator and calculator user can calculate surgical dose ( Amount of surgery)
  • AC /A Simulator And Calculator
  • A V Patterns Simulator And Calculator
  • Parks 3 Step Test
  • Knapp's Classification
  • Simulator for ductions,versions and grades of oblique muscles over action
  • Classification and management of Duane's Retraction Syndrome
  • Management of third nerve palsy
  • Management of forth nerve palsy
  • Management of sixth nerve palsy
  • Management of Browns Syndrome
  • Management of double elevator palsy











Free Download  SquintMaster Software
Pediatric Cataract Management System Software (PCMS Software)
  • Counseling
  • Pre operative Investigations
  • Suggest types of operation
  • Methods of post aphakia rehablitaion(Aphakic glasses, contact lens and IOL)
  • IOL power calculation using axial length only as well as Biometry and adjustment according to age)
  • Anti amblyopia treatment




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Pachymetry based IOP Correcting Software Correct IOP according to pachymetry reading Free Free Download
Ophthalmic Surgeries Video Download   Free Download














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