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Cataract And Small Pupil Management Manual Techniques

Small Pupil And Cataract Management Techniques BOOK
ISBN: 9798201201784


Posterior Polar Cataract Management: My Approach | Universal Book Links Help You Find Books at Your Favorite Store! (books2read.com)

Posterior Polar Cataract

ISBN: 9798201084349

White Intumescent Cataract Management: My Approach

Whatie Intumescent Cataract Management Book

ISBN: 9798201376215


Strabismus Surgeries Videos

  1. Superior Rectus Recession
  2. Inferior Oblique Muscle Recession
  3. Inferior Oblique Muscle Tenotomy
  4. Inferior Oblique Myectomy
  5. Medial Rectus Recession ( Limbal Approach )
  6. Lateral Rectus Resection Limbal Approach
  7. Lateral Rectus Recession
  8. Medial Rectus Resection With 1/2 Muscle Width Up Shift (Fornix Approach)
  9. Medial Rectus Recession Fornix Approach


Cataract Surgeries Videos By Dr Sudhir Singh
  1. MICS Phaco With Aquafold Foldable IOL By Dr Sudhir Singh.
  2. Topical Phaco With Foldable IOL
  3. Phaco With Acrisof IQ Foldable IOL
  4. Phaco In Hard Nuclear Cataract With Tecnis 1 Foldable IOL  
  5. Phaco With Acrisof Foldable IOL
  6. Phaco In White Mature Cataract With Zeiss Aspheric Foldable IOL
  7. Phaco With Zeiss Foldable IOL
  8. Phaco in Posterior Subcapsular Soft Cataract
  9. 1.8 mm Phaco ,Coaxial Micro Incision Cataract Surgery (COMICS)
  10. Phaco In White Hard Cataract In Non Dilataed Pupil
  11. How to Implant Zeiss Foldable Intra Ocular Lens (IOL) By Dr Sudhir Singh
  12. Reverse Chop In Phaco By Dr Sudhir Singh
Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery Pages
Management Of  Difficult Cataract Cases Videos
  1. Management Difficult Cataract Case 1 : Hard Nuclear Cataract With Non Dilating Pupil
  2. Management Difficult Cataract Case 2 : Posterior Polar Cataract With Ant Vitrectomy
  3. Management Difficult Cataract Case 3 : Psuedoexfoliation With Non Dilating Pupil
  4. Management Difficult Cataract Case :4 Subluxated Cataract Lens
  5. Management Difficult Cataract Case: 5 Lens Induced Glaucoma
  6. Management Difficult Cataract Case :6 Subluxated Cataractus Lens
  7. Management Difficult Cataract Case 7 : Hard Nuclear Cataract With Non Dilating Pupil And Floppy Iris
  8. Management Difficult Cataract Case 8: Traumatic Cataract Retained Intra Lenticular Foreign Body


Glaucoma Surgeries Videos By Dr Sudhir Singh
  1. Trabeculectomy With Releaseble Suture
  2. Trabeculectomy With Mitomycin C Application
  3. Trabeculectomy ( Glaucoma Surgery )
  4. Conjuctival Closure Fornix Based Flap In Glaucoma Surgery
  5. Releasble  Sutures  In Trabeculectomy


Rare Cases


Pterygium Surgeries Surgeries Videos By Dr Sudhir Singh


Dr Sudhir Singh YouTube Channels

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  Dissociated vertical deviation (DVD)
                          Dr Sudhir Singh,MS


  • DVD was described in George Stevens in 1895.He atributed"alternating vertical strabsmus".
  • Dissociated vertical deviation (DVD) is a poorly understood vertical deviation which may remain latent (compensated) or manifest (decompensated). The deviation may be symmetrical or asymmetrical, and small or very large, measuring more than 20 prism diopters.
  • The dissociated eye not only elevates but excycloducts.  When the fellow eye is covered, the dissociated eye returns to primary position with a corrective incycloduction movement.
  • With bilateral DVD either eye moves down to refixate after removal of the cover.  The condition is bilateral in most instances but most often asymmetric in magnitude.
  •  DVD may occur alone or in combination with a true hyperdeviation.
  • Unlike in paralytic vertical strabismus, the degree of elevation of the dissociated eye is often the same, regardless of whether the eye elevates from adduction, primary position, or abduction.
  • If  neutral filter is placed before one eye while the other eye is
    occluded, the eye behind the cover makes a gradual downward movement as the density of the filter is increased in front of the fixating eye (Bielschowsky phenomenon).

Surgical  Treatment : large superior rectus recession that is usually bilateral.  When DVD is associated with inferior oblique overaction, anterior transposition of the inferior oblique is effective. Inferior rectus resection may be done as a secondary procedure.

Unilateral Surgery
(If vision is not equal due to residual amblyopia, one can do unilateral surgery in the amblyopic eye}
DVD  (in Prism Diopter)    
Superior Rectus Recession
10 pd
5 mm
11-15 pd
6 mm
16-20 pd
7 mm
21-25 pd
8 mm
> 25 pd
9 mm
Bilateral Surgery
(If vision is equal, you should do bilateral surgery)
DVD  (in Prism Diopter)   
Superior Rectus Recession
10 pd
7 mm
11-15 pd
8 mm
16-20 pd
9 mm
21-25 pd
10 mm
> 25 pd


Surgical Management of Dissociated Vertical Deviation (DVD) (With Voice Over) Video


Concomitant Strabismus
Non Comitantant Strabismus ( Paralytic)
Third Nerve Palsy
Forth Nerve Palsy
Sixth Nerve Palsy
Non Comitantant Strabismus ( Restrictive)
Duane’s Retraction Syndrome
Brown Syndrome
Double Elevator Palsy
Infantile Esotropia
A Pattern Deviations
V Pattern Deviations
Dissocited Vertical Deviations(DVD)
Dissocited Horizontal Deviations(DHD)
Restictive Thyroid Myopathy


Dr Sudhir Singh YouTube Channel

Download Free Full Version Of SquintMaster Software

DVD or Dissociated vertical deviation

Salient Features Of SquintMaster Software

  • Suggests diagnosis and sub type of deviations
  • Important tool for patient counseling
  • Suggests surgical options
  • Creates simulated image of deviations
  • With help of squint simulator and calculator user can calculate surgical dose ( Amount of surgery)
  • AC /A Simulator And Calculator
  • A V Patterns Simulator And Calculator
  • Parks 3 Step Test
  • Knapp's Classification
  • Simulator for ductions,versions and grades of oblique muscles over action
  • Classification and management of Duane's Retraction Syndrome
  • Management of third nerve palsy
  • Management of forth nerve palsy
  • Management of sixth nerve palsy
  • Management of Browns Syndrome
  • Management of double elevator palsy













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