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We are very  grateful and indebted to Dr.Robert O Hoffman, M.D, Professor paediatric ophthalmology & Strabismus,University Health Care Moran Eye,Salt Lake City,Utah ,  Dr David Hunter Cherwek  , Medical Director ,Orbis International and Flying Eye Hospital staff ,SMS Hospital Jaipur and  RM Sahai Institute of Opthalmology for  Flying Eye Hospital Training Promgram (22nd Sept. -3rd Oct.2009) Jaipur, very successful .Dr.Robert O Hoffman demonstrated and transferred various strabismus surgical techniques like   inferior oblique recession,inferior rectus recession ,Lateral rectus recession, to Dr Sudhir Singh and Dr Winne Gangwal.He also has taken  lectures on various strabismus topics . We are highly grateful and obliged to Dr.Robert O Hoffman, M.D for teaching and transfering surgical skills to Dr Sudhir Singh and Dr Winne Ganwal .We are also thankful to Orbis International for helping us to fight agaist paediatric blindness in India and choosing this place for Flying Eye Hospital Training Program.


                        Flying Eye Hospital DC 10 at Jaipur                 


Prof. Robert O Hoffman having case discussion with Dr Sudhir Singh & Dr Winne Gangwal at SMS Medical College Jaipur on 29 Oct. 2009



Dr.Sudhir Singh operating in Flying Eye Hospital DC 10 with Mentor Prof. Robert Hoffman

Prof. Robert O Hoffman And Dr Sudhir Singh in FEH

Dr Sudhir Singh(Left) Sister Heather (2nd to left) Dr Winne (2nd to right ) in Flying Eye Hospital at Jaipur

DrSudhir Singh,Prof Hoffman,Dr Winne and other OT Staff

Prof Hoffman(Right),DrSudhir Singh(2nd to R),Dr Winne with operated child and her mother in Flying Eye Hospital at Jaipur

DrSudhir Singh with Dr David Hunter Cherwek , Medical Director ,Orbis International


 Dr Sudhir Singh (Left),Dr Anshu Sahai(2nd to L),Dr Trivedi (Centre),Dr Winne Gangwal(2nd to R)


Dr Sudhir Singh

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